Financial & Retirement Planning Fee Models

There are three ways to pay for financial planning services based on what the best fit is for you:

1) Asset under management fee- If you would like an advisor to provide you with investment management services and ongoingly financial and retirement planning services, this model could be right for you. A management fee is deducted from your investment accounts based on a certain percentage of assets under management. This fee structure gives you access to the advisor throughout the year. This is best for those seeking long-term advice and planning services.

2) Fee-only services for those who want a one-time financial plan or short-term advice:

    Basic Financial & Retirement Planning Services:

  • Developing a Financial Plan over 3 meetings:
    • First meeting for defining the scope of the work being done, understanding client’s goals and objectives, and data gathering
    • Second meeting to review advisor recommendations and create action steps to implement strategies
    • Third meeting is an annual review meeting after one year
  • 2-hour financial and retirement planning meeting
    • Review anything the client wants to discuss including 401(k) and IRA investment selections, beneficiary designations, tax implications, Social Security benefits, life, disability, and long-term care insurance, etc. No formal financial plan but the client gets lots of valuable takeaways and strategies to put their finances on the right track.

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