Whole Life Insurance

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Whole Life Insurance is designed to provide a guaranteed lifetime death benefit, guaranteed long-term cash value, and guaranteed premium. In addition to the life insurance benefit, whole life can be a great wealth accumulation vehicle with more predictable cash buildup than other fixed savings options.

The policy can also offer additional living benefits* such as chronic illness accelerated benefit, disability waiver of premium, and guaranteed purchase option rider. Some of these benefits require medical underwriting to obtain. The living benefits are attractive for those looking to strengthen their overall financial plan and attain confidence knowing their assets and wealth are protected from numerous angles.

Whole life insurance is appropriate for applicants interested in lifetime life insurance protection, wealth accumulation without market risk, and wealth transfer strategies.

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*Life insurance permanent policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force. 

*All guarantees subject to issuing company's claims-paying ability.